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Mike Scalora - Home Page

(Updated 6-17-2014)

Mike's Woodworking Page

  • Picture and description of projects I've built.
  • List of tools in my shop.
  • Pictures and a description of my dust collection system.
  • Woodworking E-Mail Address Directory.
  • Woodworking 1-800 Directory.
  • Links to other woodworking pages.
  • Pictures and a description of my dust collection system.
  • A few ramblings.

Mike's Picture Album Page

Scalora Family 2005[new]
Blanche Stuffing a Turkey!
Ron on his way to Prom!
A new family picture taken in Alaska!

The Virtual Fridge Page - Art with a Heart

Art from my family.

Mike's Good Eatin' Recipe Page

  • Scalora Family Traditional Turkey Stuffing
  • Scalora Family Traditional Pasta Sauce
  • Scalora Family Traditional Meat Balls

Links For Your Bemusement

   Random House
   beÄmuse    (bi myooz¥)  v.t., -mused, -musÄing

   1. to bewilder; confuse.
   2. to cause to become lost in thought.

       - beÄmus¥edÄly  (-myoo'zid le)  adv.
       - beÄmuse¥ment  n.


Woodworking, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Pottery, Rockhounding

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